Treatment chairs

The Seat is equipped with a low-wear, high power hydraulic engine, able to lift even weightier Patients (up to 225 kg).

Furthermore, it is covered with a comfort cushioning, which is available in any Color.

Our seats excel in their padding, which adds to the comfort and relaxation of the Patients. Of course these advantages come without any losses in durability and stability. They are highly versatile an can be mounted on any adapter units.

SURGICAL-Chair Palm Beach
  • Built-in Touchpad (left and right) for chair adjustment
  • Automatic, cabled foot control
  • 2 different Programs
  • Double-joint-head support
  • Available in any colour

  • automatic, 4 Programs (OK/UK/Last Position/0-Position)
  • continuous backrest with head support.
  • 2 armrests with ARMLOOPS
  • laminated position adjustment console
  • available in any colour
  • unmatched comfort
  • countless combinations, thanks to separate adjustment possibilities of backrest, chair, and base.
  • automatic with 8 Programs
  • low wear, silent and very powerful hydraulic engine (up to 225 kg)
  • rotatable socket