Reliable and durable air-driven cart version
SDS SOLUTION 1550 (mobile) with the following equipment e.g.:

air-driven treatment unit:
stainless steel-tray
Automatic control system for three air-driven instruments with light supply
e.g. 1 x light turbine feature
and 2 x light motor feature
Scale clearer EMX with hand piece and 3 work tips
Heated multifunction syringe
Flush - Valve rinse system
Disc - foot control with spray switch and chips extraction system

supplied with traversable ceramic spit-bowl
safety shut down
automatic cup filling
automatic bowl rinse

Cattani - Suction hose tray with two suction hoses
(large + small)
heated multifunction syringe
housing for wet- and dry-separators
floor-junction box with hot water supply

OP - lighting FARO MAIA LED
individual intensity regulation

OP - Treatment chair Palm Beach
built-in Touchpad (left and right)
for chair control
automatic cabled foot control
2 choose able Programs
double-joint-head support
available in any colour

2 W&H air driven motors
2 W&H hitches
for free

Work station of Prof. Dr. Gutowski at the academy in Munich