As a dentist you often treat whole families and know how important proper dental care is, especially for the very young.

If you like to work with kids, you know that children are small adults, and therefore need an environment that is tailored to their needs. With the implementation of a special children's room, you signify your responsibility as a dentist over your patient. At the same time you take the chance to win a whole new clientele without risk of losing the old patient base.

In a special children's treatment room, the little patients feel good from the start and experience due attention is paid to their needs, like a ceiling mounted LCD television, showing funny cartoons.

Instead of a scary dentist chair with many tubes and instruments, a special, padded seat invites to climb up and lie down.

The treatment unit, equipped with air or electric motors and turbines, disappears for the child almost invisible under the Lying surface. The device has a very smooth, infinitely variable (dental device can be fixed in any desired position) three-dimensional, height adjustment feature, thus the practitioner does not need to stoop to the instruments, and can make settings of the unit without force.


The corpus is made of Metal. Special airbrushes and paints are available. The height of the Lying surface can be adjusted to your body size. A small climb stairs can be designed according to your wishes.


Lying surface
The lying surface is softly padded, upholstered in genuine or synthetic leather, available in many colors. e.g. edge stitched with a different color than the lying surface. The seams are stitched in high quality. Length, width and height of lying surface are individually available.


Abaft-head extraction installed in the furniture line, with either 2 or 3 vacuum hoses and multifunction syringe or mounted directly to the Pedoliege.

Your specialist for laughing gas(nitrous oxide) devices:


Treatment Unit
The treatment unit is air-driven. Advantages: low maintenance, (since no electronics, circuit boards, etc.) cost-effective and powerful. Of course it can be set up with a micro/elektromotor. Design adapted by smooth, three-dimensional height adjustment. The arm can swing out of the of the Corpus completely and lifted continuously - no bending to the instruments necessary! -No effort! If necessary, the treatment unit can be completely hidden within the corpus. Available with spiral or straight turbine hoses. Equipped with air or electric motors, angle- and handpieces, turbines, multi-function syringe or other appliances, e.g. Curing light or intra-oral camera. All configurations selectable.


The operating lamp is available both as a ceiling or wall version. But it can also be mounted on a rod or directly at the Pedoliege. In LED or halogen version.


Junction box
Can easily be mounted on existing connections, including hot water supply. With CLEAN-WATER SYSTEM